Laurie Spirock Dedmon

Profile Updated: December 24, 2013
Residing In Clovis, CA USA
Spouse/Partner Jason Dedmon
Occupation retired teacher, Seamstress and religious art
Children I have two birth children from my first marriage to Dana Leonard.
Rebecca born 1989, Heather born More…1995 . Rebecca does photography, Heather is still in High School , She will enter college to become a relator and then work up to being a manager of a hotel. Haley born 1991, and Cameron born 1995 are my step children. I raised Cameron from 5 to 17. He now lives with his birth mother. Haley finished her dental school assistant training.

I was 25 years old when I married my first husband. After several disturbing behavior problems, I divorced in 2001. Rebecca moved to Texas where her grandmother currently resides.
I found my current husband Jason in the later part of 2001. We married in 2003 on the day after Valentine's day. He is my sweetheart, and I will never leave him. We were a blended family and we traveled by cruiseline, camped in tents and cabins, and we traveled to Texas. Our blended family went many places together to see the beaches, campgrounds, forest,fishing, the Grand Canyon, and many places in California and Mexico.
At 18 I was diagnosed with Scleroderma. I knew that one day I would not be able to work, so I saved my money in stocks,money markets, annuities, retirement accounts, and worked very hard. I had two jobs some years.
I got two kinds of disability insurance policies. I graduated from Hayward state (now called East Bay State University with a B.A in Psychology and two credentials to teach Art and Elementary school. I worked summers to pay for Christmas presents.
Later in Fresno I got my Mild/Moderate credential and Master's in Educational leadership.
After a stoke and illnesses of Scleroderma I retired in November of 2011 with 25 years of teaching. I now work from home making dresses/vestments for the Infant of Prague and other religious items.

School Story

I got hit by a former boyfriend at school (no name given) He also got mad at me for giving him a watch and would not talk to me. I sat on the top of his car hood to make him talk to me. He still wouldn't talk and he took off with me still on the hood. This happened at school.
After 2 days of this silence I went up to him with all of the gifts he gave me and said " Here's all your shit, goodbye".
Finally I was so mad. I made a poem about him being gay ,and made copies of this mean poem. I put the copies of the poem on top of all the student cars in the parking lot.
This was the meanest thing I had ever done. I would not be hit and given the silent treatment by any man ever again.

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